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Wonders of the Natural World by Private Jet

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Experience a dazzling array of our planet's natural wonders—from the thundering cascades of Iguaçu Falls to the fairytale karst peaks of China’s Li River. Delve into these incomparable landscapes in the company of National Geographic experts, discovering how indigenous cultures adapted to their unusual geography and encountering all manner of wildlife amid ice-capped mountains, tropical lagoons, and lush rain forests. 
  • See six UNESCO World Heritage sites, including Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, Mount Fuji, and China’s karst landscapes.

  • Soar above Iguaçu Falls and Milford Sound on thrilling helicopter rides.

  • Delve into wondrous landscapes, snorkeling in a Polynesian lagoon and exploring rice terraces in China.

  • Discover Easter Island’s giant moai statues, and learn about their lost culture from a resident archaeologist.

Price starting at $79,950 per person, double occupancy

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