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Baja California and the Sea of Cortez: Among the Great Whales

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Discover the natural wonders of the Sea of Cortez on an expedition aboard the National Geographic Sea Bird. In the company of marine biologists, experience up-close encounters with gray whale mothers and their calves after they have migrated to the inlets of Bahía Magdalena. Hop into a motorized landing craft to encounter wildlife up close, from whales to bottlenose dolphins. Follow naturalists on hikes amid barrel cacti, and snorkel among playful sea lions.
·         Experience awe-inspiring encounters with gray whales as you explore with a team of naturalists.
·         Go snorkeling among acrobatic sea lions, brilliant blue damselfish, and schools of king angelfish.
·         Kayak through thick mangroves on the lookout for a variety of bird species including magnificent frigatebirds.
·         Hike pristine, wind-sculpted sand dunes and an other-worldly forest of gigantic cacti.

Πρόγραμμα Ταξιδιού

1η ημέρα
Los Angeles/La Paz, Mexico

2η ημέρα
Exploring the Sea of Cortez

3η ημέρα
Los Islotes and Isla Espiritu Santo

4η ημέρα
Gorda Banks and Los Cabos

5η ημέρα
Bahía Magdalena

6η ημέρα
Bahía Magdalena

7η ημέρα
Bahía Magdalena

8η ημέρα
San Carlos/La Paz/Los Angeles

Prices starting at $6,390 per person, double occupancy

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